Call for Entry: Care (Give and Take)

Call for Entry

Care (Give and Take)

Deadline EXTENSION: September 30, 2017

If you are a visual artist making work about Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia, please submit work for a juried exhibition occurringNovember 2017- March 2018 at the New Hope Art Gallery at the Cranston Senior Center in Rhode Island.

What makes this exhibition special is that your work will be paired with work from your loved one with the disease (alive or deceased).  Your entry will consist of three images of your work and up to three of your loved one’s work. If no artwork is available, a photograph, letter or other ephemera will suffice. Selected work will be based on artist merit and strength of the pairing.

Please note, that if your loved one is deceased or you don't have anything that you want to show to represent them, artwork about Alzheimer's or dementia by themselves will be considered. 

The exhibition will also include artwork made from seniors in the memory care unit at the Senior Center.

What to submit:

·      Up to three jpgs of work sized 1024 pixels on the LONGEST edge.

·      Label your images firstname-lastname-01.jpg

·      Include a list in a word doc or PDF detailing the size, media and year created

·      For the work of your loved one, please label the images with YOUR firstname-lastname-family-01.jpg.

·      Be sure to include the information about the family member/loved one’s nameand details about work submitted in the list.

·      There is a $15 submission fee paid to via paypal to cover exhibition expenses. . Email entries to with the subject line Care (Give and Take).

Please note that the work is NOT insured while in the gallery space. While we do our best to care for the work, it is in a public space.

If you are submitting time based media, please be aware that you will be responsible for all equipment to show your work.

The date of the opening reception will be announced in a future email.

You are responsible for the delivery (to and from) the gallery. Our staff will install and de-install the exhibit.

Notifications will be made by October 20th.

All work must be read to hang/ present.

There is NO COMMISSION on sales!

Questions? Please email with the subject line “Care (Give and Take)

This exhibition is funded in part by RISCA.

There are no upcoming events at this time.