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Reflection, 2015

DAD PRINT 8x10-4.jpg
DAD PRINT 8x10-4.jpg

Reflection, 2015

from 45.00

All proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer's Association for research.

If you are looking for a tax donation, but still want a print, there is a way. Please donate to the Alzheimer's Association directly and email me proof of donation. I'll be happy to mail you a print while supplies last. Thank you for your support.

8x10 inches:
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My wonderful 64 year old father has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. To combat my feelings of helplessness in this situation, I've decided to make a limited edition print and donate the proceeds to The Alzheimer's Association in his name.

There are 25 prints of the above image with a minimum suggested donation of $45 including shipping costs.

I am making an additional smaller edition of 10 prints on metal with a minimum suggested donation of $155 including shipping.